James Kouame of Impakt Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario, is a bilingual personal trainer and mixed martial arts fighter with over 14 years of experience who wants to impart his skills to help people stay lean and fit. His fondness for Japanese traditional Karate started when he was just a kid. By training in high school, James grew to nurture the mentality and discipline of traditional karate warriors.

Humble Beginnings

It was during his brief stint in Japan and travels around Asia that James was able to seriously focus on martial arts studies. As a result, he became a black belt and won several martial arts awards in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, China, Europe including the World Kickboxing Championships.  Some of the fighters and actors he draws inspiration from include Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Andy Hug, Francisco Filho, Peter Aerts….

Self Defense, Kick Boxing, MMA, Karate and Fitness

Upon realizing that martial arts and fitness were one and the same, James decided to borrow conditioning techniques from the former to promote good health. He works with people from different backgrounds and age groups to customize the best fitness program for them. His clients range from from adults and seniors looking to get fit and lose weight, to kids and teenagers to athletes wanting to condition and improve their strength.

His self defense program is focused on helping people build their confidence and learn techniques that will assist them in critical situations.

James will customize a program that’s just right for you!


  • Kickboxing instructor: Black Belt 3rd Degree (WMACE), USA
  • Karate Kyokushin instructor: Black Belt 2nd Dan (IKO), Japan
  • IPTA Advanced Exercise Nutrition Specialist
  • AFICE Fitness Foundation Certificate
  • CanFitPro Personal Trainer Specialist
  • IPTA International Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Synerlift Training System (in progress)
  • Self Defense and Krav Maga Specialist (HKKMA)
  • Muay Thai Basic Training Certificate (WMPF)
  • Pro level james-k-boxAthlete in MMA and BJJ

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